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Fertilizer solubility:

All Opistra fertilizers are 100% soluble in water and suitable for fertigation. However, each fertilizer has a different level of solubility.

To avoid problems and precipitation when preparing nutrient solutions, it is very important to take the following into account:

1. The solubility level is lower when the solution water temperature is low, the higher the temperature, the better the solubility.

2. Some fertilizers, such as Ferti-K (Potassium Nitrate) and Calix (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate), have an endothermic reaction in water, which means that the water temperature will drop as it dissolves. These fertilizers should be mixed last, and leave them a prudential time to dissolve.

3. Calix and Magnisol fertilizers are highly soluble (their maximum % solubility is greater than their weight), but to adapt them to tropical areas they are produced in a way that reduces their absorption of moisture from the air. and therefore its dilution is slower.

4. The solubility is dependent on the quality and pH of the water in the solution. The presence of certain elements in water will reduce the solubility of fertilizers containing the same elements.

5. Pay attention to the compatibility of fertilizers. Use the compatibility table to find out which ones are compatible with each other.

6. Below you can see in the table which is the maximum solubility of the different fertilizers. It is preferable not to exceed 25 kg of fertilizer per 100 liters of water (25%) when preparing solutions.

Solubility table of different fertilizers at temperatures of 10°C and 20°C.

Solubility of other non-Opistra fertilizers (source: U. Kafkafi, J. Tarchitzky, 2011 IFA, Adapted from Primary Industries: Agriculture, 2000)

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