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Mono Ammonium Phosphate


Formula: NH6PO4

Opistra MAP is a water soluble mono Ammonium phosphate fertilizer - a highly efficient source of Phosphorus and Nitrogen for plants under all growth conditions.


Typical                                                 Units           Analysis


Phosphorus (P2O5 )                       %                61

Phosphorus (P)                               %               26.5

Total Nitrogen (N )                          %                12

Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N-NH4)  %                12

pH (1% solution)                              pH             4.5

Insoluble                                          ppm          600


Product Information

The Benefits of Opistra MAP

  • 100% plant nutrients

  • Free of Chloride and Sodium.

  • 100% water soluble - Ideal for fertigation

  • Excellent source for foliar nutrition

  • Efficient source of Phosphate and Nitrogen


Phosphorus is an essential nutrient that is difficult to absorb in calcareous soils. Phosphorus improves the growth of cells and furrows, which directly affects the yield and size of the fruit.

Ferti MAP is moderately acidic, which improves the efficiency of phosphorus and microelements absorption, and can help control pH in agrochemical solutions.

Packaging: 25kg polypropylene bags with internal polyethylene bag.

Appearance : Granulated

Other packaging available upon request.

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