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Mono Potassium Phosphate


Formula :  KH2PO4

Opistra MKP is a water soluble mono potassium phosphate fertilizer - a highly efficient source of Phosphorus and Potassium for plants under all growth conditions.



Typical                               Units             Analysis


Phosphorus (P2O5)       %                 52

Phosphorus (P)              %                 22.7

Potassium (K2O)            %                34.5

Potassium (K)                 %                28.7

pH ( 1% solution)            pH                4.5

Insoluble                       ppm             500

Product Information

The Benefits of Opistra MKP

  • 100% plant nutrients

  • Low salt index

  • Free of Chloride and Sodium.

  • 100% water soluble - Ideal for fertigation

  • Excellent source for foliar nutrition

  • Efficient synergistic uptake of Phosphate and Potassium

Opistra MKP provides Potassium and Phosphorus
Potassium increases the resistance and size of plants and fruits, improves the quality and nutritional value of the fruits and increases post harvest resistance
Phosphorus increases root and cell growth which will be directly reflected in the harvest and the size of the fruits.
Opistra MKP has a very low salt index and is a fertilizer
perfect for foliar application and fertigation throughout the
growing season.

Opistra MKP have a moderate acid reaction with water (lowering pH). Therefore, it can help adjust the pH of nutritional and foliar feed solutions.

Compatibility : Compatible with: Ferti-K, MAP,
MICRO COMBO EDTA, Phosphate Urea.

Not compatible with calcium fertilizers

Packaging: 25 kg Polypropylene Bags

Appearance : Crystalline


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