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Potassium sulfate

0-0-51 + 18 S

Formula: SOP  K2SO4

Highly efficient agricultural fertilizer of Potassium and Sulfate, 100%Water-soluble, sodium-free, for fertigation of all crops.



Typical                                  Units                 Analysis


Total Potassium (K2O)     %                       51

Total Potassium (K)          %                       42.3

Total Sulfate (SO3)             %                       45

Total Sulfate (S)                  %                       18

pH (5% solution)               pH                       7

Insoluble                            ppm                  400

Product Information

Potassium is one of the most consumable element by plants.

An app
correct application of potassium  increases yields, improves resistance to disease, improves crop quality and post harvest shelf life

SOLU-Ks, is a potassium source free of nitrogen, it is recommended for fertigation when potassium levels need to be increase without rising nitrogen levels.
Compatibility : Compatible with: Magnesium Nitrate, Sulfate
magnesium, MICRO COMBO EDTA, Ferti-K, Urea, Ammonium nitrate.
Not compatible with: calcium fertilizers such as CALIX.

Packaging: 25 kg Polypropylene Bags

Appearance : Granulated


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